A trip to Dunster Village is not without its charms – its local small business charms!

Thinking of taking your staycation in the sunny south of England this year? For a charming, quaint, memory-making trip, we recommend the many attractions of Dunster Village. Not only do we have a beach – worthy of your best-striped windbreaker, Dunster also has iconic thatched roof cottages, a Priory erected in the 12th-13th centuries, a 600-year old castle, and its own National Park.

Today we’re talking about shopping in this country village come seaside town. Many of the shops here are locally owned and just as pretty as the houses. We picked out a few favorites to add to your itinerary when you visit Dunster Village.

Shop local and support British businesses, but do it in Dunster Village, where the country store never quite died out.

Jacobs of Dunster

Jacobs are our local ethically sourced and fair trade toy/gifts/accessories and clothes store. They champion UK-made products and are family-owned and operated. We feel Jacobs perfectly reflects the true spirit of Dunster Village. Pay them a visit to pick up toys or children’s clothing, among other important items. You’ll find Jacobs on the High Street, easily recognisable by the old-fashioned square windows and green signs.

The 5 Quarters

This delightfully named store sells beautifully imaginative gifts. They are the place you take the kids to buy your new fairy house for the garden. They sell decorative stones and garden ware with a magical feel to it. Children love it and adults adore it. The 5 Quarters is the triangular building on the High Street. You can’t miss it.

The Little Box of Delights

Coming to Dunster with kids? Perhaps you just have a sweet tooth? This is the shop for you. The Little Box of Delights is a traditional sweet shop on the corner of Dunster Steep. They mix the loose sweets you remember from your childhood with a mix of locally made fudge products, gift jars, and all your kid’s favourites.

The Chocolate House

If you want something with a chocolatier flavour to it, check out the locally run Chocolate House for a more adult sweet experience.

Inspirations of Dunster

This locally run business sells jewellery, handbags, and other accessories. You can buy soaps here, or fragrances to take home as gifts. Inspirations are on Dunster Steep, which is beside the Exmoor National Park Centre. Inspirations are where you will find those few accessories that you need to perfect an outfit.

Maurice Bishop Studio Gallery

The local artist Maurice Bishop opened this gallery to display his work in 1987. Later, he opened Lynmouth Gallery as a second location. He paints with oils on canvas as a self-taught, successful artist. Explore his studio to see how he works and admire his interest in portrayals of landscapes.

Ashleigh Bishop Fine Art

If you love Fine Art, you can get a wide variety of paintings from artists who are highly sought after – such as Raymond Campbell, Stephen Hawkins, Terry Evans, Rozanne Bell, Wayne Westwood, Stephen Park, Michael James Smith, Edward Hersey and more. These are among the most collectible range of paintings today, and Ashleigh Bishop Fine Art offers these and many more.

Dunster Living

Nina and Andrew Dodd, a Finnish-British photographer-carpenter team, runs Dunster Living. It is located at the top of Dunster’s High Street, opposite the Yarn Market, and includes lifestyle shop, garden and interior – which look beautiful in appearance.

Horse & Crook

This is a unique shop where clothing accessories, homewares and other assorted gifts are sold. The shop owes its name to the Inn, which it was actually – at an earlier time. The name has been retained by the owners to preserve its heritage and the Horse and Crook Inn sign is still on display above the door.

Home Coming

This shop near the Yarn Market is located on Dunster High Street, and consists of an assortment of quality, unique travel accessories and gifts that can be right choices for your home. You can find something for all kinds of occasions, including cuddly toys, sheep scarfs, wool lined moccasins, leather moccasins and more at Home Coming.

Chatelaine Antiques

If you love antiques and collectables, this shop in the heart of Dunster in the historic West Street is stocked well with the same. Chatelaine Antiques is an interesting shop with a vintage feel and you can get various types of items to choose from – such as bronze, brass, copper, antique silver, antique glass, antique ceramics, small antique furniture pieces and much more.

Dunster News & Gifts

Do you need a wide range of gifts and items for presents for dear ones? On the High Street in Dunster, Dunster News and Gifts shop stands to help you check out various gift items that are on offer. You can mostly find small gifts as well as items like cigarettes, milk, bread etc and daily newspapers.

Made in Dunster

This is a wonderful little store that sells creations crafted by local makers and artists. Made in Dunster have their own family run workshop next door, where they craft items of their own to fill the shelves. Pick up oilcloth bags, cards, or stationary sets. If you don’t visit Dunster, you can even support this business through their eBay store. You will find Made in Dunster in West Street.

There are many more wonderful shops, such as Exmoor Through the Lens, Humming Bird, Dunster Country Stores, The Medieval Gallery and many more.

Explore Dunster Shopping

You can find a full list of the gorgeous shops we have in Dunster Village, here.