When looking for beautiful views, scenic walks, and plenty of coastlines, Dunster is the perfect destination. However, this doesn’t mean that people don’t want to explore some of the other villages located in Somerset.

If you’re currently visiting Dunster or planning your visit to Dunster and want to enjoy other destinations with as much charm that are nearby, why not consider visiting some of the following villages.


Not only is Minehead a beautiful village to visit, but it also has several claims to fame. The village is not only home to iconic author Sir Arthur C Clarke but is also the location where many talented people cut their teeth, including Deborah Meadon and Jimmy Tarbuck.

If you’re searching for a perfect day out for the family, Minehead is the perfect fit. The Strand is a beach that becomes the ideal location for relaxing and partaking in some family activities when the tide is out.

If you want a more energetic experience, then make sure to take advantage of the many walking trails available in Minehead.

Minehead has no shortage of attractions and offers several areas of interest, including the Minehead Information Centre and Minehead Museum.


Allerford is a small but breath-taking village located near Exmoor National Park. An example of the historical sites in Allerford includes the iconic landmark is the packhorse bridge built during the 15th century. The bridge is crafted from red sandstone and is a Grade II listed structure.

History enthusiasts visiting this beautiful town can quench their thirst for knowledge via the West Somerset Rural Life Museum and Victorian Schoolroom, a building initially used as a school during the 19th century.

Today, the experience allows families to discover what life was like during the 19th century, with classroom recreations and detailed displays helping set the scene.

Allerford has plenty of sites to keep those interested in history entertained, and the beautiful architecture and natural surroundings make it another must-see village when travelling outside of Dunster.


Porlock is a coastal village located approximately eight miles away from Dunster and offers a traditional lifestyle and plenty of activities for the adventurous.

The landscape means walkers can take advantage of scenic side streets and the beautiful views of the marvellous moorland. If you want to up the ante when searching for thrills, why not consider kayaking from Porlock Weir?

If you’re in the mood for shopping, Porlock can offer plenty of choices, even for window shopping. Local handmade crafts are perfect gift ideas, and The Big Cheese is a must for those who desire unique and delicious dairy products.

Lynton & Lynmouth

Some may want to escape the city’s hustle and bustle, whereas others will want to enjoy a tranquil area to observe the sites, then Lynton & Lynmouth has you covered.

Lynton provides visitors with a cluster of quaint shops and fishing boats, while Lynmouth provides historical views merged with modern architecture for a unique and calming aesthetic.

The town of Lynton & Lynmouth is connected by the Cliff Railway, a water-powered railway that was first opened in 1890 and is one of three still in existence in the United Kingdom.

Blue Anchor

If a trip to the seaside is what you’re searching for, you need to plan a day trip to Blue Anchor. The long sandy beach in Blue Anchor allows families and their pets to unwind, and there are plenty of accommodation options should you decide to stay over.

Nearby is West Somerset Railway, where a steam-powered train covers 20 miles of Somerset, allowing you to relax and enjoy some iconic sights along the way, including filming locations for The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night” movie.

Watchet Harbour

Watchet is a charming town with plenty of accommodation, shops and coastlines, and an active marina. In addition to the Watchet Harbour Lighthouse, there are plenty of excellent views, and it is the perfect destination for those who enjoy simple pastimes like crabbing.

As with many locations in Somerset, Watchet offers a multitude of history to enjoy, especially given its Saxon heritage. Watchet was so prominent during this time that it founded its own mint, with guys being located as far as Scandinavia.


Located approximately eight miles away from Dunster, Bossington is a village that is perfect for those who like to relax and those who are interested in history. Despite the many beaches available in and around Dunster, something about Bossington Beach makes it stand out.

Maybe it’s the fact that the shingle acts as a barrier against marshland? Or perhaps it’s the opportunity to catch sight of some rare birds? Whatever the reason, the beach is a must-see when visiting Bossington.


Selworthy is in the National Trust’s Holnicote Estate and is separated from Porlock Bay by a shingle. The picturesque village was created to provide housing for the elderly in 1828, but many buildings have been modernised into small but thriving businesses.

One of the reasons Selworthy is a popular destination is its array of unique walks and wildlife. Of course, there are plenty of beautiful trails to enjoy in and around Somerset, but Selworthy is perfect for those wanting to view some animals along the way.


Although there are plenty of pretty villages in Somerset, Winsford has been cited as one of the most alluring.

There are plenty of energetic activities, including cricket and tennis, and plenty of places to kick back and unwind, including the Royal Oak public house situated in the centre of the village.


Kilve is another village in Somerset that is rich in history. The village consists of three settlements and has remnants of the old Chantry created in 1329.

It is also worth noting the beach in Kilve has also become a focus for geologists due to many rock formations found in the area.

The history of this beautiful village can also be witnessed in the architecture, including The Hood Arms, a coaching inn first built during the 17th century.

Those visiting Dunster will love the natural beauty and varied history Dunster offers. However, being aware of the nearby villages helps ensure you’re never short of things to do when visiting a county famed for cheese, cider, and plenty of adventure.

If you have visited these please comment below or if you have one to add then please mention it!