Dunster tall trees trail

The Tall Trees Trail measures 600m in length and winds through the trees and along a stream in this peaceful grove, which was planted in 1870s. This walk is home to a Douglas fir 60m (197ft), which is reputedly the highest tree in England. The tallest magnolia in the country is 24m (79ft). These measurements were taken in 2009. I use the term ‘reputedly’ as other regions make similar claims about their trees.

The interpretation boards provide information on the trees and help identify the tallest.
The Tall Trees Trail is accessible from the Visitor Centre. The walk continues down Dunster’s main street which is home to many historic buildings. On your left-hand side, you will see the Luttrell Arms. It dates back to around 1500.

The route crosses the Gallox Bridge from Dunster to the right. This 15th-century pack-horse bridge spans the River Avrill and was originally built to transport fleeces to the Dunster wool market. It then enters Dunster Estate which is owned and managed since the 1950s by The Crown Estates. The route then crosses Vinegar Hill, from which, thanks to some strategic vegetation clearing, there is a great view down the valley. The route descends to Nutcombe Bottom, and then ‘The Tall Trees Trail.

The route continues along a short circular walk on Dunster Estate using mostly forest tracks. There are some views of surrounding countryside from higher points. Finally, we return to Nutcombe Bottom. You can also visit the Tall Trees Trail by taking a shorter, there-and-back route from Nutcombe Bottom or Dunster.

Dunster Tall Tree’s Trail

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